Our sound systems can be tailored to fit any size of venue, indoor and outdoor. Our systems are weatherized therefore they can be operated outdoors in the rain and outdoor elements. 

Speakers- Our speakers are able to provide sound for crowds of all sizes. We have a variety of speakers from large scale Line Arrays to individual point source Speakers. We carry speakers from brands such as Meyer Sound, Electro-Voice, QSC, and RCF. The amount of speakers varies from each venue, and crowd sizes. The speakers can be hung from various locations such as roofs and trussing. They can also be mounted to poles or stacked on the ground. Many of our speakers are weather resistant therefore they can be operated outdoors in rain and snow.

Mixers and Amplifiers- Our mixers and amplifiers are digitally based and controlled. We carry amplifiers from brands such as QSC, and Crown. We carry mixers from brands such as Digico, Midas, Mackie, and Behringer.  Our amplifiers have specialized cases made to hold them outdoors to allow use in rain and outdoor elements. 

Wireless Audio - We carry a wide variety of wireless audio solutions. Ranging from long range digital wireless microphones from Shure and Sennhieser. As well as long range analog and digital audio transmission systems from Neutrik.

Music- We can provide music for events such as dances, rodeos, and various events. We specialize in music for rodeos and dances. All our music is run off of multiple computers with over 100,000 songs. We are able to take requests and play custom songs for your event.

Events we specialize in:

  • Rodeos
  • Dances
  • Outdoor Fairs and Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Grad Ceremonies
  • Corporate Events
  • Trade Shows
  • Plus Many More

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Our Services

Pro Audio Systems

lighting and laser systems

Our Lighting Systems can be tailored to fit any size venue. Our systems are computer controlled and can be tailored to all your lighting needs.

Lights- The majority of our lights are moving head style lights. These lights can create multiple colours and patterns and strobe affects. They can be moved around the room to provide light to various areas around the room. We also have a variety of lights that can fill your entire venue with coloured light. We also carry various strobe lights. All these lights can be hung from the ceiling, setup on stands, or set on the ground. The lights can all be programmed with computers to create various shows that can be timed to music. 

Lasers- Our lasers feature state of the art motors and mirrors which can be programmed to create custom text or images. The lasers are in full colour and can make vivid images of logos and animations. We also can create spectacular beam shows with laser beams bouncing around the room off various mirrors. The lasers are all computer controlled, which enable us to create customs graphics and show timed to music.

Fog and haze- We have various fog and haze machines to create a custom effect for your event.

Rigging- We have the ability to hang various amounts of equipment from a ceiling or roof. We have many trussing structures to hang lighting and audio equipment from. We have the ability to hang equipment off of chain hoists which enables us to meet unique rigging requirements. We can also use ground stands to lift the trussing in the air when overhead rigging isn't possible.

Our lighting system is primarily built from equipment from the brand Martin. We carry a variety of lights and controllers from them such as

  • Mac Viper Profile
  • Mac 2000 Profile I
  • Mac 2000 Performance II
  • Mac 101 RGB
  • ​Atomic 3000 Strobe
  • M2PC Controller
  • ​M-Touch Controller
  • Jem Hazer & Foger

Please call or email for pricing and further questions.